Bride & Groom Must Have Photos

Wedding season is in full swing! Lots of Lovebird brides are tying the knot throughout this Spring and Summer 2014 as we patiently wait to gush over the stunning pictures they send us!

Capturing your special moments on your big day engraves it in time and those photos will forever be admired as the beginning of the rest of your life. All this to say that they better be good! Here’s 7 of our favorite shots we think you need to have in your “wedding day” photo album.

1. Take a photo following the ceremony once everyone has left for the cocktail hour. Make sure to capture the gorgeous surroundings and an intimate moment after the ceremony.


2. A sunset photo makes it all look whimsical and romantic. Capturing a moment alone after dinner will allow you to take it all in during one of natures most beautiful phenomenons.




3. The inevitable cake face. Its fun and candid so make sure to capture the sweetness of the moment.


4. It’s a given to take a photo of the bride and groom as well as the parents during the ceremony. However, the one shot you might not expect to take is one of your bridesmaids while you walk down the aisle. We all have that one friend or two who break out the waterworks just at the thought of you getting married. It’s sweet, candid and a moment you will never forget.


5. Having fun with your train! Birds eye view of you train is fun – especially when you can incorporate your groom!


6. A rainy wedding day can be just as beautiful as a sunny one. Come prepared with a clear umbrella to capture this stunning shot.


7. Reverse shot of the first kiss. You catch everyone’s reaction and you get a nice photo of your venue from your perspective! One to consider, for sure!


We’d love to see your photos inspired by this blog! Good luck and happy planning!



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